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How fast u have to drive to get arrested?

I was wondering, how many miles over the speed limit, you have to go in order to get arrested? Example, speed limit is 55, if i go 100, i would get arrested?

Up to whomever stops you but they can take you to jail for 25mph over the posted speed limit

25 Responses to “How fast u have to drive to get arrested?”

  1. zzhoundzz Says:

    No more than 8 over.
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  2. boom boom Says:

    double the speed limit is a felony 15 mph over the limit and you could go to jail
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  3. Josh Says:

    5 is safe
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  4. sxs_chicken_sxs Says:

    I thought it was all based on the attitude on the driver?
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  5. GONE Says:

    ? are you trying to get arrested?
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    me confused again by the questions here

  6. why us Says:

    10 over and they can do ya
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  7. Kelly V Says:

    you would just get a speeding ticket
    my bro was going 97 and got a $500.00 ticket
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  8. Sexy Bastard Says:

    If you go more than five you start to make it look obvious. Most cops aren’t stupid, but then again many of them speed too. Whatever you do don’t drive faster than them, and if you do don’t pass them up too fast or else it looks rather obvious. Often times they just go by eye and they don’t use the radar gun
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  9. lisadana Says:

    I don’t know about other states but in Tennessee a friend went to jail for going over the speed limit 20 miles.
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  10. super-trucker Says:

    15 M.P.H. or over and its all over unless you’re a fine chick then you’re ok.
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  11. Richard Says:

    depents on the state if I remember right 71 in a 55 could get you arrested. ND
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  12. Ali T Says:

    The speed limit was 100 km/h and I was going at 180 km/h and I didnt get arrested, not even demerit points taken off, only a ticket. 300 dollars ticket that is. lol
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  13. ironica0_o Says:

    Just drive at the speed limit. If you must speed, than you shouldn’t go very much over 5.
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  14. Beez Says:

    If you go 100, you’ll be taken to jail. Toward the end of each month, cops are trying to meeting their monthly quota in traffic citatations. So be careful particularly at that time. Some will stop you even if less than 5 miles over.
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  15. tera_duke Says:

    depends on were you are. were I live for every 1 mile over 100 you spend 1 day in jail and like 100$ fine for each one
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  16. countrygirl Says:

    probably not unless you were intoxicated or driving under the influence. or if you ran over somebody or just robbed a place and you’re making your getaway. for just speeding, you’d get one hell of a ticket…hope you have a good lawyer!!!
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  17. eddyj90 Says:

    Well, it really depends if you were driving under the influence, or recklessly.

    If you are going 100 miles per hour ina road that asks for 55, then you are indangering the lives of others. So don’t expect not to go to jail.
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  18. barbara596 Says:

    Probably not—but you would get a huge ticket for speeding. If the officer felt it was dangerous driving or careless driving you might also be arrested. It would depend on the circumstances.
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  19. cwolfsheep Says:

    Most states, its 5-10 mph over before the cop will pull you over. The other comments regarding tickets up to 20 over are correct. If you speed in a school zone or go too fast in a residential area, you could be arrested for "reckless endangerment" or other public safety laws: these will depend on where you live of course. Also, most states require that you submit to sobriety tests and check for proof of insurance: refusing either could also lead to arrest.
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  20. blu_222 Says:

    depends on where you live and the conditions. if you are going down a lonley desert hwy. and no one is around it would be different from the city where you are a danger to other people. In IL. it’s 25 over the speed limit for wreckless driving and you go to jail. I was pulled over going 72 in a 55 and got a 200.00 ticket. Im Mo. it’s 30 over.
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  21. T M Says:

    I have to take issue with Sexy Bastard’s answer. I’ve driven in many parts of the USA and people tend to not pass police cars even when the cop is driving below the posted limit. I don’t hesitate to pass cops in such situations or even if I have to go a few mph over the limit. I don’t like driving with the pack of idiots.
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  22. Lloyd Says:

    My first speeding ticket when I was 16 living in Illinois… I was going 139 in a 55. All I got was a speeding / wreckless driving ticket. Not arrested. The ticket was to appear in court though, where a judge would decide the fine / penalty / whatever. I think I ended up paying about $850 or something like that.
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  23. Dick45 Says:

    Up to whomever stops you but they can take you to jail for 25mph over the posted speed limit
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  24. Shadow Says:

    I was doing 80 in a 55 I didn’t get arrested the ticket was $130 dollars
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  25. Tyler Says:

    I was caught on a motorcycle at 85 in a 55 and i did not go to jail but my extenuating circumstances helped. My speedometer doesnt work and i have no mirrors. I was also cited for failure to heed lights or sirens aka running from the popo which i wasnt just didnt see him or hear him. and I got wreckless driving and also a citation for no mirrors but it think its really up to officer discretion.

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